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Community Service

In February 2020, Project Be Well was approved as the NMASC Community Service focus through state conference 2023. School councils are encouraged to research and come up with their own project(s) that focus on Be Well.

In addition to individual student council service projects, at NMASC statewide events (Summer Workshopo, Fall District Conferenes, State Conference), student delegates will participate in a service project focused on Be Well.

Be Well

Suggestions for working with Be Well in your community (the projects listed below are just suggestions/ideas; your council is not limited to what is listed and many of the categories overlap):

Project Be Well: Mental/Emotional Well-being
  • Stress, depression, anxiety
  • Suicide awareness, prevention, where to seek help
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality disorders

Project Ideas:

  • Host a mental health screening event
  • Talk about it. Be a supportive friend. Listen to people and never judge.
  • Share your story
  • Start a suicide prevention program/learn what to do when someone threatens
Project Be Well: Social Well-being
  • Gun violence/gun congrol
  • Bullying
  • Homelessness
  • Human/sex trafficing

Project Ideas:

  • Definition: interation a person has with their "community"
  • School activities/athletic fairs; encourage every student to be involved in at least one school activity
  • Postive peer pressure to help stop bullying
  • Awareness drives
  • Definition: involvement in the decision-making process
  • Add a layer to student government: establish a homeroom representative
  • Monthly meeting to gain input from the student body on a variety of school poliies; and add communication with the student body
  • R.S.V.P. process (Raising Student Voice & Participation)
Project Be Well: Behavioral Well-being
  • The connections between behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind ans spirit
  • Alcohol/substance/vaping use
  • Family health
  • Human rights

Project Ideas:

  • with the elderly, veterans, substance awareness
Project Be Well: Spiritual Well-being
  • Connectedness with self, others, art, music, literature, nature or a power greater than oneself
  • Love, joy, principles, morals, values, be kind to one another

Project Ideas:

  • Create a yoga club or a lunchtime positivity group
  • Volunteerism/mentoring
  • Dude Be Nice (
  • Character Counts / Be Kind initiatives
Project Be Well: Physical Well-being
  • Good nutrition/eating habits
  • Physical activity
  • Prevention/detection of illness
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Healthcare

Project Ideas:

  • Backpack project for students in need or food for weekends, school breaks
  • School/personal hygiene/clothing supply "closet" for students in need
  • "A-thons" - jog, dance, shoot, hoops, jump rope, etc.
  • Health related projects with kids younger than those in your council
Project Be Well: Financial Well-being
  • Budgeting - effectively pay bills while saving for future goals
  • Personal/family finance
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning on a budget
  • Money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough of it impacts health and academic performance

Project Ideas:

  • Take an online class on Financial Fitness
  • Help plan family meals and make market orders

Wellness Wednesday is designed to foster the development of healthy habits and lay the groundwork for students to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Tips on daily announcements. Houston Kraft's Character Gym. Student Council event: make a friendship bracelet. Challenge: give it away by the end of the day.

Peer-to-peer learning to make an impact on your campus or in your community. Create posters dealing with any/all of the Project Be Well ideas that you are implementing.

Excellent resources can be found at



Other Ways You Can Make A Difference

America's Promise
Opportunities to help others

American Red Cross
Get trained to respond to disasters

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Do Something
Take community service to the next level

EPA/Volunteer Water Monitoring
Monitor the condition of your local streams, lakes, estuaries, and wetlands

Hands-on family projects that help others in need

Habitat for Humanity
Help build or rehabilitate a house for someone in need

Hospice Foundation of America
Be a Hospice volunteer!

International Volunteer Programs Association
Lists volunteer opportunities abroad

Learn & Serve America
Corporation for National & Community Service

Locks of Love
Non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantage children

Meals on Wheels
Make a difference in the lives of senior citizens

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Answer incoming Hotline calls from victims of domestic violence, their friends and family, the general public, and social service providers (training required)

The Nature Conservancy
Protecting nature, preserving life

Peace Corps
Make a difference and see the world

Project Linus
Providing security through blankets

Remember Alex Brown Foundation
Take the pledge to stop distracted driving

Rotary International
Humanitarian, intercultural, and educational programs to improve the human condition

Salvation Army
Help meet community needs

Special Olympics
Year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities
Sponsored by the U.S. Government with informtion for students on college, career, internships and volunteerism

Volunteers Without Borders
People from diverse backgrounds work together to help overcome the needs facing communities around the world

Youth Service America
Building a global culture of engaged youth committed to a lifetime of service

The links on this page are provided as a resource, and NMASC neither endorses nor has any control over the content of the linked sites.

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