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Benefits of Membership



  • Student leadership training opportunities
  • Advisor support and professional development opportunities
  • Service opportunities
  • Civic engagement opportunities
  • Statewide networking opportunities for both students and advisors
  • Opportunities to excel through awards and competitions
  • Personal growth opportunities
  • Opportunities for fun and lifelong friendships!

Statewide Events

One-Day NMASC/District Conferences occur each fall in various locations around New Mexico. The conferences include workshops on leadership skills and feature a nationally known speaker. Member schools may take as many delegates to these conferences as they wish, which provide an opportunity for more students to experience leadership training beyond their schools.

The NMASC Annual State Conference is for high school and middle school delegates. The conference is focused on learning and leadership development, however it's a tremendous opportunity for delegates to renew friendships with individuals they've met at other NMASC events, while having fun. The annual Roll Call Contest is a chance for schools to showcase their creativity and spirit. Advisors and students present small-group workshops on a breadth of leadership topics. Participating schools exhibit their hard work and competition entries in the annual NMASC Achievement Showcase. Advisor round table sessions are popular for networking, picking up valuable tips, and sharing practical strategies with one another. Throughout the conference, candidates campaign for NMASC state office and are elected at the closing general session.

The NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop includes basic, intermediate and advanced levels for high school and one level for middle school students. Workshop participants are randomly assigned to councils where they participate in activities to help jumpstart the following school year. In doing so, they practice how to write a constitution, how to conduct an election, how to plan events, how to set goals, and how to work with their school's administration and faculty. They learn about group dynamics, leadership styles, team building and communication skills. The councils compete in the annual Rowdy-O, prepare a semi-formal banquet, and compete in a Brain Battle based on what they have learned during workshop. An awards program is the culminating activity for the workshop.

National Leadership Training Opportunities

Each summer NMASC sends a state delegation to the National Association of Student Councils' (NASC) National Conference, held in a different city each year. There they network and interact with student leaders and advisors from every U.S. state and a number of foreign countries. It's a unique and balanced experience that celebrates and enriches student leadership while providing memories of a lifetime. Besides the national conference, NASC presents three national LEAD Conferences during the school year which offer experiential leadership skills development at an affordable price to students and advisors in the National Honor Society, the National Junior Honor Society and the National Association of Student Councils. The LEAD Conferences are held in different cities across the United States.

Region 6 Leadership Training

The NASSCED (National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors) Region 6 is comprised of the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri,New Mexico and Oklahoma. The Region 6 mission is to build a community by connecting individuals through leadership experiences. The 2016-2017 State Presidents, State Student Representative and State Execs collaborated on a means to accomplish our mission. The first-ever Region 6 Conference will take place Summer 2017. National student networking is a huge piece of this conference! Other components will include idea share: peer-to-peer learning through student-led roundtables, school projects Gallery Walk; national motivational speakers; for our seniors-leadership opportunities continue at the college level; a “step above” leadership skill training; lots of fun; hands on community service; citizenship – and how to continue it all once you return home. The Region 6 Conference is for Mid-Level/Jr. HS and high school students and their advisors.

Service and Civic Engagement

NMASC service and civic engagement activities throughout the year include a statewide service project—that all Student Councils regardless of council, school or community size, rural or urban can participate in successfully. The State Project is determined by member vote, and runs for three years. Student Councils are encouraged to promote school projects in the areas of environmental awareness, staff relations, health and safety, school spirit, membership motivation, fundraising, and school service.

Leadership Lessons for School and Life

"You have no idea the impact that NMASC events have on helping you build a foundation for good leadership."

- Rio Rancho Associated Students

"I thought I was a born leader. After attending some NMASC events, I found that the breadth of experiences helped me to learn 'how' to lead."

- Student Council Member, La Cueva HS

"NMASC has given me the understanding of true leadership and service, which has allowed me to go from a small town in northern New Mexico to the highest ranks of politics and diplomacy. Every endeavor I embark upon will always be tied to NMASC."

- Former NMASC State President, Springer HS

"Allowing students to serve with adults in policy-making shows that NMASC 'walks its talk' when it says that students can make sound decisions if they are given time to research and enough time to debate an issue. This experience has helped me to become a mature leader."

- Former NMASC State President, Deming HS


Leadership Training Opportunities

Leadership Training Opportunities

Leadership Training Opportunities

Team and spirit buildling activities practiced at the NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop and annual State Conference help promote a positive school atmosphere throughout the school year.

Leadership Training Opportunities

Make memories that last a lifetime when you participate in NMASC events!

Leadership Training Opportunities

The annual Advisor of the Year Award, sponsored by Campus Specialties/Herff Jones, celebrates New Mexico's finest mentors.

Leadership Training Opportunities

The Brain Battle gives Summer Workshop participants a chance to test their leadership knowledge in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Leadership Training Opportunities

Both students and adult advisors enjoy the leadership training and professional development opportunties offered by NMASC.

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