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NMASC Summer Workshop

NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop participants enjoy four days of team building, leadership skills development, camaraderie and fun.

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Established in 1950, the New Mexico Association of Student Councils was founded by a group of educators who wanted to create an organization for student leaders that would encourage them to practice the democratic process, citizenship and service while fostering an exchange of ideas and problem solving strategies in New Mexico's schools.

Today, 70 years later, we have become the premier student leadership organization in New Mexico. Each year we serve thousands of students and advisors from member schools all across the state. Our organization is recognized by the National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors and National Student Council, and we offer leadership training experiences for our members throughout the year. Some of these opportunities for leadership and character development include:

  • Fall NMASC/District Conferences
  • Annual State Conference
  • Summer Leadership Workshop
  • Annual attendance at the Region 6 VISION Conference
  • Annual attendance at the National Student Council Conference
  • Advisor training at our state events
  • Membership networking opportunities

Each year we present a number of awards to honor our members, including the NMASC Advisor of the Year Award (in both high and middle levels), NMASC Student Council of the Year Award and the Project of the Year Award.

Our governing body is the NMASC Executive Board, elected by member schools, and consists of an Executive Director, four adult board members, and four student officers.

NMASC Vision Statement

NMASC is an organization for student leaders that encourages the practice of the democratic process, citizenship, and service while fostering an exchange of ideas and problem solving strategies for New Mexico's schools.

We believe…

  • promotion of unity while respecting diversity of individuals
  • encouraging total involvement and participation through attendance in leadership training
  • supporting the ideals of service within communities in student councils around New Mexico
  • the practice of the democratic process preserves the equal voices of students and advisors by election  of executive board members
  • being part of NMASC, students and advisors, will have opportunities to network with a wide variety of organizations, businesses, and people from across the state and nation

NMASC Mission Statement

The vision of NMASC is to create the leaders of tomorrow, today, all in the spirit of serving, guiding, and leading.

State Conference Locations and Themes

  • 2021: Mayfield High School / "Voyage to Leadership - Strive to Serve"
  • 2020: Eldorado High School / "Leadership True: Excellence, Honor, Spirit"
  • 2019: Farmington High School / "Explore Your Leadership Service: Serve. Guide. Lead."
  • 2018: Bernalillo High School / "AMPlify Your Leadership: Born to Rock It"
  • 2017: Centennial High School / "Lights! Camera! LEADERSHIP!"
  • 2016: Los Alamos High School / "Radioactive Leaders: Take Charge! Be Positive!"
  • 2015: Cibola High School / "A Leader's Journey to Rome"
  • 2014: Española Valley High School / "All Aboard to the Valley of Leadership"
  • 2013: Atrisco Heritage Academy / "Oceans of Leaders, Waves of Success"
  • 2012: West Mesa High School / "Leadership Through the Decades: A Centennial Celebration"
  • 2011: Taos High School / "Discover Courage, Knowledge and Heart in the Land of Leadership"
  • 2010: Albuquerque High School / "Passport to Leadership"
  • 2009: Rio Rancho High School / "The Wonderful World of Leadership"
  • 2008: Manzano High School / "Leaders of the Pack"
  • 2007: Taos High School / "¡Que Viva Leadership! Spice up the Fiesta!"
  • 2006: Santa Rosa High School / "Roll Out the Leadership Carpet"
  • 2005: La Cueva High School / "All Aboard the Leader-Ship"
  • 2004: Hobbs High School / "Unmask the Leader in You"
  • 2003: Raton High School / "Surf the Waves of Life... Create Your Own Paradise"
  • 2002: Rio Rancho High School / "At the Heart of Leadership... Lead a Life to Lead Others"
  • 2001: Farmington High School / "Rise to the Challenge"
  • 2000: Eldorado High School / "Oh, The Dreams You Can Dream"

The NMASC is affiliated with the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA).


NMASC Executive Board

Mary Hahn

Mary Hahn
Executive Director
(Term: 2018-2022)

Albuquerque Public Schools (retired)


Elizabeth Gonzales
Advisor to President
(Term: 2019-2022)

Del Norte High School


Joshua Blondin
Advisor to 1st VP
(Term: 2018-2021)

Eldorado High School

Deb McKenzie

Dawnell Massey
Advisor to 2nd VP
(Term: 2019-2022)

Artesia Public Schools (ret)

Matthew Paine

Matthew Paine
Advisor to Secretary
(Term: 2021-2023)

Lovington High School

Ashleigh Randazzo

Ashleigh Randazzo
Social Media Counsel

NMASC Alumna

Antonio Gonzales

Antonio Gonzales
Administrative Consultant

Albuquerque Public Schools

2020-21 State Officers

Your 2020-21 NMASC State Officer Team (L-R): Secretary Andrea, President Yanaie, First Vice-President Riley, Second Vice-President Charmayne.


Each year, thousands of students from all across New Mexico benefit from the leadership training found at NMASC events.


Advisors benefit at NMASC events through opportunities for professional development and the sharing of ideas and strategies with other advisors from around the state.


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